Kim Kardashian Slams Katie Couric For Being a ‘Fake Media’ Friend [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 16, 2013

A feud is brewing between reality star Kim Kardashian and talk show host Katie Couric.

The riff began when Couric slammed the Kardashian clan in an interview with In Touch. She revealed she couldn’t figure out why the large family was so famous. “I don’t understand-why are they so famous? I think it’s mostly teenage girls that are interested,” she said.

Kim saw the interview and didn’t like the comments Couric made. She immediately fired back on Instagram. North West’s mother posted the photo below with the caption: “#IHateFakeMediaFriends #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkS**t.”

kim kardashian_Kim

Apparently Couric sent Kim and Kanye the gift above with a small card that read: “Dear Kim and Kanye, Congratulation on the birth of your baby girl! As the moth And may I humbly suggest you continue the K tradition for no. Fondly, Katie Couric.”

Couric is gaining enemies by the minute. She is also on Jennifer Aniston’s sh*t list after Couric question Chelsea Handler about the actress upcoming wedding to fiance Justin Theroux.

Annoyed that Chelsea had been asked those questions, Aniston said, “What’s Katie Couric? Is she a legitimate journalist? Is she getting tabloidy? Wasn’t she on the Today show?”

So far, Couric has not responded to Kim’s Instagram comment

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