Keyshia Cole Says Side Chick Can Have Her Husband! [Details]

Rucuss staffFebruary 5, 2014

Keyshia Cole may be having the worse week ever.

For starters, it was revealed Keyshia owes more than $162,000 to the IRS. Radar Online got ahold of the court documents that was filed in Georgia on November 25. She owes taxes from her 2009 A Different Me Tour.

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While Keyshia tries to fix her problems with Uncle Sam, her unemployed husband Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson has been seen at various strip clubs squandering the money he has left from his NBA days. Media Take Out reports that he spent a whopping $5,000 in one night on strippers.

Last night, Keyshia appeared to have reached her boiling point with Boobie. After months of cheating allegations, she vented her frustration about her marriage on Twitter.

Rumors have followed Boobie for some time now. The first rumor was that he got a stripper pregnant a few months ago. Now the rumor is he is cheating with a Houston stripper by the name of Htown Ciara.

And to make matters worse, Boobie posted a photo with Ciara on his Instagram a few months ago.

Boobie and Ciara are both from Houston, so it could have been an innocent photo because it appears they are from the same area. But Ciara fueled the fire by posting her own subliminal tweet last night.


Regardless of the outcome of this situation, Keyshia has some new material for her next album.

Photos via Instagram and Twitter


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