Keyshia Cole Calls Out Gucci Mane For Spreading Lies [Details]

Rucuss staffOctober 15, 2012

Gucci Mane doesn’t care for Young Jeezy, and it appears anyone associated with him.

Gucci Mane ignited a beef with Jeezy last week when he called him a ‘sucka’ during an interview with Power 105’s the Breakfast Club on Oct. 10. Two days later, Jeezy responded by calling Gucci ‘retarded.’

Jeezy added,”He got an ice cream cone on his face. That being said, I’m not going back. I’m going forward. And then it’s crazy because they’ll call you and want you on songs. And then when you don’t get on a song, that’s what happens.”

Young Jeezy Talks About BET Fight With Rick Ross, Says Gucci Mane is Retarded [Video]

Gucci, later, challenged Jeezy to a fight on Twitter. He tweeted,”I Radric Davis aka Guwap bet 100K I can and will beat Jeezy ass #JUSTTRUTHS. No Disrespect to Clay but if Tip wanna get into it he can.”

Gucci then released the single Truth that drags Jeezy’s ex-girlfriend Keyshia Cole into the beef. Gucci claims Cole and Diddy had sex while they were together. Gucci’s raps:

I ain’t playing wit ya, I ain’t trying to dance wit ya/I ain’t using hands, let them rubberbands get ya/It take money to go to war and we can go to war n*gga /I ain’t no real rapper, I’m a f*cking grave digger /I’m a old school fool, don’t make me show my age n*gga /Grab a Louisville and turn it to a batting cage n*gga /I did a song with Keyshia Cole and I know you still miss her /But Puff was f*cking her while you was falling in love wit her /Call you to do a song, wouldn’t even smoke no bud wit ya /I was screaming so icy and was a neighborhood n*gga /This AR is my back up cause I don’t need nan n*gga /Must didn’t hear when Flocka said “Let them guns blam n*gga!

Cole is not pleased with Gucci’s accusations. She tweeted on Sunday,”That ain’t my business!! he’s lying! it’s all G tho…Putting all ya trust in some of these “Hood Rappers”.. How u gone be a G, and u spreading lies, To sell mix tapes! Where ya talent at?? Basically. Dude ain’t have 2 lie tho! could’ve kept me out of it. I will continue 2 build what I’m working so hard accomplish! I’m married with a child, and don’t have no place in that none sense!

The relationship between Jeezy and Gucci Mane went downhill after he appeared on Gucci’s single Icy in 2005. The beef even got violent when Gucci was charged with shooting a Jeezy affiliate. Charges was eventually dropped because of lack of evidence. Gucci has maintained he reacted in self-defense.

DJ Drama got the two to come to a truce in 2009, but it was short-lived. The two made plans to record another single together but it never happened.

“He called a few times,” Jeezy told Big Boy last Friday. “I just told him it wasn’t a good idea, we past that. I don’t want to go backwards. He reached out a few times. I didn’t do the records, so I guess he feel a way.”


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