Keyshia Cole Blames Editing For Making Her Look Bad on Reality Show [Details]

Rucuss staffDecember 7, 2012

Singer Keyshia Cole is fed up with the way she was portrayed on her BET show, Keyshia & Daniel: Family First.

Cole decided to reveal her private life once again after huge success with her last show, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, which aired on BET from 2006-2008. Her first show gave a closer look into her career and family life that led her to sell plenty of records while gaining a large fan base.

With the release of Cole’s fifth album, Woman to Woman, she stuck with the same motif with Family First. Her husband NBA player Daniel Gibson, his family and their son were also featured on the show.

But this time around, Cole didn’t get as much positive feed back about the show. Cole’s arguments with Gibson didn’t paint her in such a great light. Many ridiculed her on social media websites for being selfish and having a bad attitude.

During the season finale, Cole argued with Gibson and many viewers were wondering why it happened. After a follower tweeted,”Confused, why they arguing? And another tweeted, “So Mean To Her Hubby That Was A Unnecessary Argument That She Started.”

Keyshia tweeted:

“We were not! they’ve been chopping N screwing since the season started! Gib wasn’t tripping, but I guess people speaking on it is the point!

I’ve had a very strong love for the women who understood my pain. I had a thought they would love me and ride to wheels fall off! Like I would do for them

But over the last few weeks I’ve come to realize how, and what people really think of me. Know the ones who love u/ the ones who could care less!

Has really put things into perspective for me. I love my true ride or die fans!!! Very thankful for u all! GodBless!

We’re almost certain that Cole is happy the season is over.


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