Kevin McCall Lashes Out at Eva Marcille, Calls Her A Money Hungry H*e [Details]

Rucuss staffMay 5, 2014

Kevin McCall and Eva Marcille are not getting along these days.

The couple’s relationship appears to be over, after Eva accused Kevin of kicking in doors at their home during a heated argument. A California judge granted a restraining order against her ex-fiance on March 14, and he has no visitation of their daughter Marley Rae.

Kevin’s emotions reached their tipping point over the weekend and he went on Instagram to vent his frustration. He posted a photo of Marley with the caption: “….they always try to use my babies against me. That’s the only way to get to me.”

Eva Marcille Granted Full Custody Of Daughter After Filing Restraining Order Against Kevin McCall

One of Kevin’s followers decided to call him out on the post with the comment, “They…..can’t be all wrong. Time for some soul searching. Read Kevin’s response below.

Eva posted the subliminal message below.


A child custody hearing is scheduled for June.

Photos via and Instagram


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