Kevin Durant’s Issues With Russell Westbrook Allegedly Contributed to Decision

Rucuss staffJuly 6, 2016

Kevin Durant shocked his fans by revealing his plans to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Its been revealed that his teammate Russell Westbrook was one of the main reasons Durant decided to leave the team and sign with the Golden State Warriors. A source familiar with Durant’s decision making process told Howard Beck of Bleacher Report that he became frustrated with the Thunder’s offense. and the way it failed to evolve under new head coach Billy Donovan. Durant was also irritated that Westbrook still wasn’t sharing the ball enough.

“Ultimately he got frustrated and felt that they had plateaued,” Beck’s source said. “(Donovan) came in, and he still had the same issues that he had with Russ under (former head coach Scott Brooks). The offense didn’t change much. He still had to take a ton of contested shots every game; and that’s when he had the ball at all.”

Durant loves the way the Warriors move the ball, and he’s confident he’ll get plenty of scoring opportunities in Golden State despite the ridiculous amount of talent on the roster.

“He’s never going to have a game in Golden State where Steve Kerr has to say at halftime, ‘You guys need to get Kevin the ball,’ which happened in OKC,” the source added.

Beck’s source claims the collapse against the Warriors actually validated K.D.’s concerns.

Durant and Westbrook were seen arguing on the court a few times but they always claimed  their relationship was a good one.


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