Kenyan Man Gets Caught Cheating, Beats His Wife For Interrupting [Video]

Rucuss staffJanuary 5, 2012

A Kenyan woman got the surprise of her life when she found her husband’s minivan parked at a motel.

The woman caught her husband cheating. But instead of walking out of the room to apologize, he beats her up. He then jumps into his car and drives off with his jumpoff. And it was all caught on tape!

The brutal assault began when the woman noticed her husband’s car at the motel. She got out and checked the minivan to see if he and his jumpoff was inside. Next, she looked through windows and beat on doors until she found the correct room.

She tried to open the door of the room herself but she had no luck. The wife camped outside of the room until finally her husband opens the door.

As soon as her husband steps outside the room he puts her in a headlock. He pushed the mother of his four kids to the ground and proceeded to kick her. Neighbors hear the screams and rushed to help the woman. A man picks her up and pulls her out of harm’s way.

The woman gains her composure and talks to camera crews with a black eye. Her husband doesn’t say a word to her. He simply gets in his car with the other woman and drives off! RIDICULOUS!!!

Check out the brutal assault below.

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