Katt Williams Talks Bad Press, State Of Black Comedy & His Future [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 12, 2013

Comedian Katt Williams has bounced back after an epic meltdown last year.

Williams has been making the media rounds promoting the new film, Scary Movie 5, and he’s revealed new details about his bizarre behavior, problems with the police and how he managed to bounce back.

Concrete Loop sat down with Williams and he had a no-holds barred interview. Check out a few excerpts below.

You haven’t been in a mainstream movie in a few years.  So, how was it working on the set of “Scary Movie 5”?

It was kind of surreal. Generally, in a comedy, you feel like you’re carrying the movie or least that’s how I would feel. This was one of those situations where it was the direct opposite; It’s already an amazingly successful franchise. And I had already seen the other ones, so I knew what they were about. So, once I saw the list of people, it was just about me being able to bring my “A” game.

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How do you feel about the state of the comedy world, especially the black comedy world?
I feel just like you feel. [*LAUGHS*]

How do you think I feel” You’ve been in that world, you’ve been on the inside, and you know how it really is. So, I feel your perspective, on comedy, would be strong?

It probably should be, but it’s really not in this particular case. I generally get up every morning trying to figure out why ‘Katt Williams’ is allowing all of this to happen. But now that he’s back, I’m excited to see what that’s going to bring to the comedy landscape. Comedy is never out, sometimes down, but never out.

Katt Williams

We had the Eddie Murphy(s), the Chris Tuckers(s), the Dave Chappelle(s), and then we had you. So, I feel comedy fell off after you disappeared and I’m happy to see you back.

Well, thank you! I’m glad to finally be starting the road to being back. The issue is, when you say those names it doesn’t take very long to say them.  We got to understand that each of those persons was holding it down for like ten years. So now, if something cheap happens it’s on purpose, or for a reason. I’m excited to be in the same conversation as those people, and I’m positive that my story has a better ending.

Do you feel the negative press you get is warranted?

I can’t vilify the press, because this is what we’re doing right now. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable that they would view me in a negative light, and I understand that negative sells more than positive. If they really wanted to hurt me they wouldn’t talk about me at all. The fact that they are talking about me is all that I care about anyway. I could care less about what they say. When they say genius, I don’t believe genius. So when they say crazy, I can’t believe that either. Until they start calling me tall, I don’t believe anything they say. [*LAUGH*]

Do you read any of the online blogs?

Well, part of my new therapy for the last few years has been not to not be on the Internet at all. So that I don’t do anything crazy like watching people’s comment and blowing up answering them.  I’ve now come back and I’m reading a lot of the stuff and Satan ain’t that amazing. He’s only has the same stuff, its amazing that its keeps working. I’m amazed that somehow they’re able to do what they do. At the end of the day they lose anyway.

What’s next for you? Can we expect a new comedy tour, any other movies?

Yeah, yeah I’m all about overkill. As long as “Scary Movie 5” comes out number one, that green lights the rest of everything. I can at least add myself into the comedy fray for the betterment of comedy as a whole; not taking anything away from anyone that is in it now.

Check out the entire interview here.

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