Katt Williams No Show at Seattle Concert, Allegedly Hits Fan With Microphone Next Night [Details]

Rucuss staffDecember 1, 2012

Comedian Katt Williams continues to disappoint fans.

After a string of aborted performances and bizarre behavior, Williams missed another show. This time, Williams was a no-show for the first day of a two-night stint in Seattle. Williams was scheduled to perform at the Paramount Theatre but he never made it on stage Thursday night.

Williams allegedly was in his trailer behind the theater ‘too f**ked up to go on stage,’ Rhymes and Snitch reports. Fans waited for more than three hours before the show was officially cancelled. Ticket holders will be refunded their money.

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katt crowd.JPG

A source told LA Weekly, “After four hours of opening acts, two artists being booed off stage, the fire alarm going off and fire fighters coming to paramount theater [the show was canceled]. The crowd dispersed at 12 a.m. after the emcee said “Katt had been arrested” and “all the true Katt Williams fans will stick around.” After that people left.

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On Friday night, Williams showed up but he was too out of it to give a good show. He allegedly couldn’t finish any of his jokes and he changed his clothes on stage in the middle of his set. Williams allegedly hit a audience member in the head with his microphone.

Photos via Seattle Times


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