Katt Williams Explains Why He Disrespected Heckler

Rucuss staffSeptember 11, 2011


Comedian Katt Williams has always spoke his mind, maybe too much. In a recent interview he did in his hometown of Cincinnati, he talked about what he missed most.

“We don’t realize the kind of white people we’re blessed with here until we go somewhere else,” Williams told the radio station. “White people in Cincinnati made black people feel like they were “their neighbors.”

Williams also addressed his disrespectful remarks to a heckler at a show in Arizona. He told the radio station:

“People pay him for his ability to do improv and spit what you know as the truth as quick and as relentless as possible. You try being angry and funny at the same time and then come back to me and show me how easy it is.”

Check the video out:




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