Katt Williams Calls Faizon Love a Snitch, Love Calls Him a Crackhead! [Details]

Rucuss staffOctober 23, 2012

The feud between comedians Katt Williams and Faizon Love has escalated to new heights.

Last week, Williams was arrested and released with no charges after police found an unregistered gun in his car in the parking lot of a night club. Someone called the police after a man was waving a gun at Supper club in Los Angeles. Eye witnesses said it was Williams.

Faizon Love told TMZ that Williams pulled a unloaded gun on him during an argument over a debt. A day later, Williams said, “Faison called the police on us and then ran in the club.”

Love denied Williams claims.

“I didn’t have to he’s 4 foot 2,” Love told the Tom Joyner Morning show. “We took the gun away from him, that’s how tough he is,” however, once he noticed the gun was unloaded, he decided to “give this little n**** his gun back.”

Love explained that the drama between them is over failed payment. He says he was on a comedy tour with Williams over a year ago, but says he dropped out of the tour because Katt was “slapping people.”

Love claims after he left the tour Williams continued to promote his name as an act when he wasn’t performing. Love believes he’s owed $50,000 for falsely advertising him after he left the tour. Love said he would never loan Williams money, saying, “for what? to a crackhead.”

Since the incident the two have been calling each other names to anybody that will listen. Williams called Love “a big, fat snitch and bald-faced rat.” Love didn’t like those comments and went on Twitter to vent. Love tweeted:

Although Love threatened Williams on Twitter, he wants the feud to end. He told Joyner he grew up with gang violence and he does not want to be a part of that lifestyle anymore.
Love told Joyner he hopes to end the problems with Williams, but he believes he did this because he knew it would get news coverage. He believes Williams is infatuated with “gang violence” which he is constantly trying to perpetuate with his large entourage.
“[Katt Williams] wants to be tough. And that’s not the black life, man. We, our community is dying of gang violence.”

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