Kanye West Upsets Royals With Weed Smoke and Loud Music in London [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 8, 2012

Kanye West has occupied the top floor of Lanesborough Hotel in London for the last couple of months.

West used the rooms for music studios, fashion workshops and a party haven. But the alleged loud rap music and weed smoke rubbed royals who stayed below West the wrong way. West, Common, Pusha T and Big Sean hung out with the outspoken rapper during his partying nights at the hotel.

“We went to London and we were right next to the Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family,” Big Sean told The Sun. “There were members of the Royal Family staying below us. Kanye had rented out the top floor and we was banging that bitch out.”

Big Sean added,”Every room was a studio. The Royal Family below were complaining like, ‘We  got all this loud-ass rap music above us and weed smoke.’ They paid all this money and you don’t expect to get these kind of complaints.”

West debuted his sophomore fashion line at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday. The rapper received mixed reviews about his collection. He’s hasn’t gained huge accolades for his work.


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