Kanye West Tries To Walk On Water During Concert In Armenia [Video]

Rucuss staffApril 14, 2015

Kanye West wanted to take his concert to new heights over the weekend.

It appeared West attempted to walk on water, like Jesus during a free concert at Swan Lake-Karapi Lich in the capital city of Yerevan, Armenia. Yes, you read that correctly. Yeezy jumped into the lake and began walking.

During West’s walk across the lake, Police stopped the concert as hordes of fans joined him in the water.

“Over there, can y’all see me over there?,” West yelled to the crowd while performing Good Life. “We’re going to do something different right now, like, like, like we always do it this time!”

Thousands of people were in attendance to watch West in the capital city of Yerevan. Kardashian shared her excitement via Twitter.

A concert goer is even trying to capitalize on the moment. The fan announced that they are selling Kanye’s “bag of water” from the lake.

Watch West jump into the lake below.


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