Kanye West Disses Ray J During Performance On Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Rucuss staffSeptember 10, 2013

Kanye West surprises the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon audience and viewers with a performance of his song Bound 2.

Before West goes on tour with Kendrick Lamar and Future, he hit the stage with The Roots and Charlie Wilson Monday night. And Runaway rapper didn’t disappoint with his first ever performance of the song.

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West let Wilson do the singing first, as the Gap band legend sang the opening hook, “I know you’re tired of loving, of loving” over a piano backing. Moments later, the Roots joined in with a six-voice children’s chorus.

Then West changed up the opening verse of the song and took a jab at his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Ray J. West rapped, “Brandy’s little sister lame, man, he know it now. When a real brother hold you down you supposed to drown.”

The original line of the song goes, “All those other n-ggas lame and you know it now…”

Watch Kanye’s performance below.

Listen to the original Bound 2 below.

Photo via Blog.zapzit.com and Rap-Up.com


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