Kanye West Planning Kim Kardashian a $1 Million Birthday Bash [Details]

Rucuss staffSeptember 18, 2012

Kanye West is making sure Kim Kardashian’s birthday is fit for a queen.

West is shelling out a million dollars Kim’s 32nd birthday. The Chicago rapper is planning a birthday celebration on October 21st in Pine Cay, which is a private island in the Turks and Caicos. The reality star, who has expressed being unhappy because she thought she’s be married with kids by the age of 30, will have lots to be happy about when she’s joined by friends and family next month for a private birthday bash.

“Kim has been really down about turning 32 and having two failed marriages behind her and no children, so he wants to make this extra-special, a source told The Sun. “Plus it’s her first birthday since they’ve been together as a couple. Kanye has never been shy of splashing out on the women he loves, but this time he’s pulling out all the stops with presents.”

West has allegedly hired a five-star hotel chef to cook the meals. He’s spent plenty of money on new designer gear in anticipation of the party, and bought a made-to-order special edition Prada bag, lined in a “KK” print, along with a pink diamond bracelet and a couture Chanel dress.

West has already bought her a baby white Persian kitten that she’s named Mercy after one of his songs.


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