Kanye West Caught With His Pants Down While On Date With Kim Kardashian!

Rucuss staffApril 28, 2012

Either Kanye West needs a new belt or he couldn’t control himself on the ride home with girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

West was spotted stumbling out of a car while exposing his legs and underwear as he headed to his apartment Friday night. He struggled to keep his leather trousers up as he tried to walk behind Kim at the same time. There’s no question what Kanye’s prefers to wear under his pants. He’s definitely a briefs man!

This is not Kanye’s first time getting caught with his pants down. Kanye exposed his briefs last week while arriving at the Tribeca Film festival. His pants were below his waist.

Check out the photo below of Kanye’s dark gray briefs while out at Tribeca.


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