Kandi Burruss’ Mom Feels Exploited by Bravo [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 5, 2014

Real Housewives of Atlanta breakout star Mama Joyce is trying her best to reconcile with her daughter Kandi Burruss.

The mother-daughter relationship was strained due to Mama Joyce’s objections to Kandi dating Todd. Mama Joyce accused the TV producer of being an opportunist and cheating on Kandi.

“Someone told me that they saw [Kandi’s friend] Carmon sitting on Todd’s lap at a club back in April,” Joyce told In Touch magazine. “They were being really flirty and were all up on each other. [Kandi] just doesn’t want to believe what’s going on.”

Mama Joyce Done Meddling In Kandi’s Love Life [Details]

Some viewers wondered whether Mama Joyce’s concern over Kandi’s relationship had more to do with her own financial security than it did Todd’s alleged cheating, but Joyce denied that.

“I’ve never been about her money because I have my own,” Mama Joyce told Ebony Mag. “I never tried to spend her money. I’ve always tried to save her money, help her save her money.”

Mama Joyce also talks about being exploited by Bravo and claims she only appeared on Real Housewives of Atlanta to give her daughter a storyline.


Ebony Mag reports:

“I’ve been on disability, Social Security, and plus I have rental property. And anybody that knows me knows that I’ve always had my own money.”

Ask her if she feels she’s being exploited on television, and she will definitively respond, “I do.” Ask if she’s being paid for her appearances on the hit show and she’ll pointedly respond, “No, I’m not.”

“Look,” she explains, “I haven’t gotten a penny from Bravo. They got me [as] the main person and I done trended on [Twitter] two weeks in a row and every damn thing. People keep saying ‘You’re a celebrity,’ and I ask, ‘How the hell am I a celebrity?’ I’m the most unpaid celebrity there is. I’m looking in the Us Weekly and I have a picture and I say, ‘How am I getting all of this attention? I’m not a celebrity!’ ”

Joyce Jones elaborates about how she promised herself she wouldn’t show up on Real Housewives anymore after her initial appearances because she wasn’t being compensated, or even reimbursed for transportation to get to and fro. The show’s producer Carlos King (a former Love & Hip-Hop producer) convinced her to appear more on Real Housewives, telling her viewer demand was high and Kandi needed a storyline. “And I said, ‘Well, for Kandi, I’ll come back for her because I’ll do anything for my daughter.”

Though she’s still not Todd’s biggest fan, Mama Joyce said she’s backing off a bit for the sake of her relationship with Kandi.

“If he makes her happy, I’m happy,” she said. “I just want the best for her… All I want her to do is be happy. God knows that’s all I want.”

Photos via Bravo and RollingOut.com


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