K. Michelle Talks About Relationship With Chad Johnson & Rihanna’s Comment About JR Smith [Video]

Rucuss staffMay 21, 2013

Love & Hip Hop star K. Michelle stopped by New York’s Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club to set the record straight about a few rumors and talk about her upcoming album.

The Breakfast Club crew asked her a few questions about her upcoming album and singles. But they made sure they addressed a few rumors about her personal life. The DJs grilled her on what she thought about Rihanna’s comments about her ex-boo, New York Knicks star JR Smith.

If you missed it, a Knicks fan accused Rihanna on Instagram of being the reason Smith was not playing well in the NBA playoffs. Rihanna replied, “F*ck you and your wack ass team!!! Nobody don’t want that desert thirsty nigga!! He f*ckin up cus his ass be hungover from clubbing every night during playoffs!! So your issue ain’t with rasshole me.”

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K. Michelle, who admitted on Love & Hip Hop that Smith is the reason her ‘hot pocket’ was depressed, said she didn’t think Smith was ‘desert thirsty.’

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. Michelle also said she’s not dating Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, but she did admit that the two are friends. She also confirmed Johnson did buy her a pet monkey in March.

IFWT_K Michelle Monkey

Check out a few excerpts from her interview below.

On why she’s leaving Love & Hip  Hop Atlanta:

 It’s just time to go, I got some other stuff poppin off. They’re actually bringing me to LHHNY

On if she has her own show: 

I do have my own show. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was a great stepping stone.  It’ll kinda be my own show within Love & Hip Hop New York.

On if she agrees with Rihanna, that NBA aller J.R. Smith is  ‘thirsty’: 

I don’t know. When it come to him, I said my peace on that right there. No, he’s not gon’ hit it. Nah, it’s good. I’m good on that. That was something I went through. I tried, I failed, I realized.

On rumors she’s dating Ochocinco and if he bought her a pet monkey:  

He did. Chad approached me and he tried to date me or whatever. I was like, ‘No I dont want no shoes. I want a monkey’. No, we have not slept together. I’ve been through a lot with this dating thing. We are friends and I think that’s what it needs to be. Now, I hafta pace it and we are going to dinner and we are being friends and we are talking on the phone. It’s not time for  that.

On if she was really bisexual at one point in her life: 

Yeah. I’ve sang about it. I thought I was gay for three months. The b*tch  actually jumped on my car. Scratched it up with her shoe and it was wrap.

Watch K. Michelle entire interview below (she talks about Smith and Ocho around 6:00 minute mark).


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