K. Michelle Slams Stinky Box Rumors, Shades Uncle Murda [Details]

Rucuss staffFebruary 9, 2015

K. Michelle has been in the headlines for many things but it’s reached a new high in the last few days.

A rapper by the name of Uncle Murda ignited beef with K. after he went on The Breakfast Club and told Chalamange tha God that five different guys in the industry said the singer didn’t have good hygene. He alleges they said she had a ‘funky hot pocket.’

K. Michelle’s vagina was brought up when Chalamange asked Murda about a line on his single Rap Up 2014. He raps, “I say sh** that make n*ggas think/Five n*ggas told me K. Michelle p**sy stink.”

Murda sticks by his verse and claims, “Five dudes said her box stink. I can’t tell you their names. But one raps. One plays basketball. The other one does security and there’s a few others in the field.”

K.Michelle responded to the rumors on San Francisco KMEL’s Shay Diddy. “In the first place, the level and caliber of men I date don’t know no Uncle Murda…Like, I don’t even know you,” K. said. “So you were just on Love & Hip Hop I saw the other night, rapping. You know where your career is if you’re a rapper on Love & Hip Hop.”

Although K. Michelle shaded Murda during her interview, he on the other hand told Chalamange that he would still hit.


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