K. Michelle Says She’s Getting a Butt Reduction [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 26, 2015

K. Michelle wants to lose a few pounds below the waist.

The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is going under the knife to reduce the size of her butt. Although K. Michelle had plastic surgery to enlarge her butt size by a few years ago, she’s ready to get rid of the extra weight for a movie role.

K.Michelle wants a particular movie role and is willing to do what it takes to get it. She revealed the news on social media when a Twitter troll tried to make a shady comment about whose but was bigger.

It began when the Twitter troll said, “my a** is phatter than yours.” Then K. replied, “Good for you!” and dropped the news that she’d be reducing the size of her ample backside for a movie role.







Some fans were shocked with the revelation because the singer admitted in the past that she had fat transferred from her midsection to her butt, which is also known as a Brazilian lift.

Photos via Instagram and Allhiphop.com


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