K. Michelle And Elle Varner Are No Longer Friends, Calls Her Thirsty [Details]

Rucuss staffJune 30, 2014

K. Michelle and Elle Varner are no longer friends.

K. Michelle let the world know after she threw some shade at Varner over the weekend. It all began when Meek Mill posted a photo of Varner hugging him on his Instagram with the caption: “#nocurvezone.”

Elle reposted the photo and added a heart to the caption.

Elle Varner and Meek Mill

It didn’t take long for K. Michelle to chime in and throw some shade. K. Michelle tweeted, “People be smiling in the pictures not knowing they getting dissed in the caption. HA! You definitely need a REFILL as thirsty as you are. Jokes on you and you didn’t even know it! I hope you got attention from that cuz you sure don’t get it from your music.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 8.11.17 PM

Elle Varner and Meek Mill 2

It’s unclear if Meek Mill was dissing Varner, but maybe K. Michelle knows something more. It’s rumored that the reality star and the rapper are dating.

Say What: Are K. Michelle And Meek Mill Dating?!

Many assume Meek was just joking with Varner after she revealed that he tried to hit on her in a club.

Earlier this year, Varner tweeted that Meek hit on her and she’s so awkward that she curved him by accident.

“I get SO AWKWARD when guys hit on me STILL lmao,” she tweeted. “I’m so awkward I accidentally curved Meek Mill once lol” Meek fired back, “She said she curved me I don’t remember…Lol” For those who may not know what ‘curve’ means, its to deny or reject someone’s advances.

K. Michelle could be a little salty with Varner after her single, Cold Case was released. K. Michelle claimed she helped write the song. She later accused someone of jacking her style in an Instagram post.

“Watch who you becomes friends with,” K. Michelle shared. “They will dress up like you. Start yodeling in hooks and everything. Count down till blast off.

K Michelle IG

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 8.07.42 PM

Ironically, Varner does something similar to a yodel on the hook of Cold Case. Varner has not responded to K. Michelle’s comments.


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