K. Michelle Defends Attitude, Performs ‘Can’t Raise A Man’ On ‘Arsenio’

Rucuss staffFebruary 26, 2014

Former Love & Hip Hop star K. Michelle stopped by Arsenio to perform and give a brief interview.

The Can’t Raise a Man singer talked about her musical background and her attitude. K. Michelle opened up about her love for country music.

“I actually grew up loving country music,” she said. “I play classical piano. I play guitar. And my parents, they put me in a closet. It wasn’t child abuse, don’t get scared. They put me in a closet and it was the biggest closet in the house and I would just sing to the top of my lungs.”

K Michelle Arsenio

K. Michelle also revealed she can yodel and how her vocal coach introduced her to other genres of music.

“The first tape that I ever got was The Judds,” K. Michelle said. “I saw The Judds, I loved The Judds, [my vocal coach] taught me how to yodel, and then I got a scholarship to Florida A&M University.”

K. Michelle also revealed she will star in her own VH1 series No New Friends. She also defended her behavior on Love & Hip Hop.

“I don’t think it’s fair at all because you don’t know me,” she said. “You would react the same way as me to a lot of those situations. I’m just bold enough to do it in your face and I can. Those reactions from those blogs and everything, I make their hits go up, so they should thank me or maybe even send me a check.”

Watch K. Michelle perform her latest single Can’t Raise a Man below.


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