K. Michelle Accused Of Stealing Model’s Idea For Album Artwork

Rucuss staffDecember 10, 2014

K. Michelle is accused of being an artistic thief.

A Florida woman with the Instagram user name LadyyTatyanna made the claims on Instagram. She alleges K. Michelle copied her photos that were shared on Instagram and used a version for her Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? album cover.

“It has been brought to my attention that @kmichellemusic copied my picture exactly from 4 months ago to promote her new album,” the woman wrote on Instagram. “Can someone with some type of legal background tell me if I can do anything from a legal standpoint?

The woman added, “Are you kidding me? And she copied another one of my photos.  @kmichellemusic or her photographer straight up copied my whole photoshoot! No originally AT ALL. I refuse to let her make money off of @monhandworks and myself ideas.”

 photo IMG_4916_zpsa124da75.png





 photo IMG_4917_zps0fb4b317.png

The woman claims that since she blasted Michelle for stealing her work, the singer has since blocked her on Instagram.

Photos via Instagram


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