Judge Refuses to Step Down in Dwight Howard-Royce Reed Custody Case

Rucuss staffApril 2, 2012

Basketball Wives star Royce Reed is having a tough time getting a new judge in her bitter custody battle with NBA star Dwight Howard.

Judge Time Shea is refusing to recuse himself from the case. Reed filed a motion to have Judge Shea removed from the case, because she believes he’s biased against women who have children out-of-wedlock with NBA players, TMZ reports. There’s also a conflict of interest because one of Dwight’s attorneys is listed as one of Shea’s endorsers on his website.

Royce’s attorney Jane Carey told TMZ,”We believe that the judge’s ruling is erroneous and that it does not conform to the governing case law.”

Howard filed his own document in response to the removal, defending Shea’s position as the arbiter in their custody case. He claims the only reason Reed perceives a bias is because she’s intolerable in court, “making faces, spinning around in a chair, laughing” … and even “storming out of the courtroom.”

Judge Shea did not give a reason why he refuses to step down from the case. Reed plans to take her case to the Supreme Court.


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