A Judge Dismissed 29 Bogus Inheritance Claims From Prince Estate

Rucuss staffJuly 30, 2016

Prince’s death caused people to come out the woodwork and try and claim and piece of his massive fortune.

According to his sister Tyka Nelson, Prince did not leave a will. So many were hoping to get a cut of the $100 million estate the music legend left behind. Legal proceedings have begun in the matter of settling Prince’s posthumous affairs and some of the scheming opportunists looking to cash in on the Purple Rain singer’s death have already been dismissed.

Minnesota judge Kevin Eide dismissed inheritance claims from 29 different people who were attempting to be declared heirs to Prince’s fortune. Those people will not get a chance to take advantage of Prince’s death and get their hands on his estate. Eide also ordered six people who Prince’s sister says could be the singer’s half-siblings or other relatives to undergo genetic testing to confirm.


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