Jovan Belcher Kissed Kasandra Perkins and Apologized After Killing Her [Details]

Rucuss staffDecember 4, 2012

The Kansas City Chiefs tried to help linebacker Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins work through their problems.

The Chiefs provided the couple with counseling, Police Sgt. Richard Sharp said. But in the end, the counseling didn’t help. Belcher, 25, killed Perkins, 22, at their home Saturday before he shot himself in the head in Arrowhead Stadium parking lot.

Sharp told The Kansas City Star that the couple had been arguing over relationship and financial issues for months and that the team had been ”bending over backward” trying to help them. The Police Sargent didn’t reveal how long the couple was in counseling.

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The Kansas Star reports that seconds after Belcher murdered Perkins in their bedroom he leaned over her and said he was sorry and kissed her on the forehead. Once Belcher’s mother heard the gunfire she rushed to her son’s bedroom and watched him say goodbye to Perkins. Belcher  apologized to his mother, kissed his three-month-old daughter and then fled the scene in his Bentley.

When Belcher arrived at Arrowhead Stadium, he talked to general manager Scott Pioli in the parking lot and told him the assistance the team had offered hadn’t fixed the couple’s problems and now ”it was too late.”

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Pioli tried to persuade Belcher to put down his gun as head coach Romeo Crennel and linebackers coach Gary Gibbs joined in. Belcher thanked the men for everything the team had done for him and asked if Pioli and team owner Clark Hunt would take care of his daughter.

Belcher then began to walk away while saying, ”Guys, I have to do this.” When Belcher heard police sirens approaching, he knelt behind a vehicle and shot himself in the head. Investigators believe Belcher killed himself because he was distraught over shooting Perkins, Sharp said.

”He cared about her,” Sharp said. ”I don’t think he could live with himself.”

No one knows exactly what triggered the killings but a source told the Kansas City star that the argument was allegedly over Perkins staying out late after a Trey Songz concert. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Belcher had a dinner date with another woman the same night.

Belcher had dinner and drinks at a local bar with Brittni Glass,” the New York Post reports. But the two began separated at some point and he went to her apartment complex to meet up with her. She wasn’t there, but two of her neighbors let the intoxicated Belcher sleep in their apartment, the New York Daily News reports.

The neighbors woke Belcher for a team meeting Saturday morning, as he instructed them to do, and he returned home to argue with Perkins before shooting her and himself.


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