Joseline Hernandez Tweets Naked Photo To Prove She’s a Woman, Criminal Past Revealed [Details]

Rucuss staffJune 20, 2012

Former stripper and aspiring singer Joseline Hernandez wants to prove to the world that she is a woman.

After the premiere of Love & Hip: Atlanta aired Monday night, many speculated that she was a man. The overly done face, strong jaw line and muscular body didn’t help ease the rumors. So she has gone to extra lengths to prove the naysayers wrong.

Joseline tweeted a naked photo of herself late Thursday night in an effort to dispel the rumors. Although she has fake breasts with no signs of male genitals in sight, many are still not buying it. She tweeted, “Fuck u haters. I’m still Gona get payed for ever. I’m an artist fuck what y’all say. I’m international baby u bums ain’t got a passport. Fuck u bums that’s hating. All of u work for me lol. Keep on working do your job n sit on this shit all day making me famous.”

If you want to see the not safe for work version, click here. Hernandez just needs to lay off the make-up a bit and fans of the show may stop questioning her gender. Below is a photo that a classmate submitted to MissJia.

r600x600 Photo: So I Guess Joseline of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Really IS a Woman

If you’re not familiar with Joseline, she is the girlfriend of costar Stevie J. The two are having a secret relationship behind Stevie’s girlfriend of 15 years, Mimi.

Stevie is the manager and producer of Joseline, who he hopes to make an international rap superstar. The three-time Grammy winner used to date rapper Eve. Many were shocked when Mimi said the couple’s two-year old daughter was named, Eva. Could be a coincidence but it’s still a little weird.

Meanwhile, Joseline’s criminal past has been exposed by Diary of a Street King. The 34-year old, who also goes by the name Shenellica Bettencourt, allegedly has arrests for lewd and lascivious behavior, also known as prostitution.

Watch the cast react to the first episode at premiere party below.

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