Joseline Hernandez Shows Off Her Curves While Hosting a Party at Atlanta Club [Photos/Video]

Rucuss staffJuly 9, 2012

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez is reaping the benefits from her new-found fame as a reality star.

Hernandez hosted a night at Mansion Elan in Atlanta on Friday night. The 34-year old showed up to her paid gig in a black bodysuit with gold accessories and clear framed classes. Hernandez, who was recently sporting long hair, changed it up with a short style that she’s worn on the VH1 reality show.

Hernandez partied with her friends in VIP, but she did take time out to show off a few of her dance moves. She danced atop of tables and couches to the latest songs. Joseline didn’t show any signs of bruising from an alleged fight she had with a fan on July 2.

Joseline Hernandez Attacked at Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Viewing Party [Details]

Joseline addressed the rumors that a Love & Hip Hop fan attacked her after she didn’t answer their question about her abortion at a viewing party in Atlanta last week. Joseline tweeted, “Once again MTO is always getting false statements I should Take y’all To  Court For lying lol. Face smooth like a baby”

She then goes on a Twitter rant. She continues with, “I don’t have to b on this fake a** s**t all day. Is not real… find u a JOB or do something with your lives. The government make this 4 u dummies  that believe this is real life. Please [miss] me with it cause I have work to do. I’m not mad trust. Life is great. I do what I please and don’t give a F Wat u  say bout me. Who in the f**k are y’all. Lmao keep digging your toes while u watch me on love  and HipHop Atlanta. And after that most of y’all will be paying to go see  me!!!”

Watch Joseline dance on top of a table below.


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