Johnny Gill Addresses Gay Rumors [Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 21, 2013

There has been a long-standing rumor that Johnny Gill is gay.

For years, rumors circulated that Gill and Eddie Murphy were in a relationship. Many speculated Gill was the reason Murphy and Nicole Murphy divorced, as well as the comedian’s split with Tracey Edmonds. Now Gill is finally addressing the rumors.

Well, sort of.

Gill sat down with OMG Insider’s Kevin Frazier to talk about his relationship with Murphy. When Frazier asked Gill, “What do you think about the rumors about you and Eddie Murphy having a relationship and what does Eddie say about it?,” Gill replied:

“They said it about Oprah and Gayle. They said it about Will [Smith] and Duane Martin so I guess we fit in the group of…because we’ve always been tight…Eddie could care less about it…and Eddie’s always been Eddie and anybody that knows Eddie knows Eddie lives Eddie’s life and he will look at you straight up and tell you, “Aye keep messing with me and I’ll hit you with my wallet and knock you out and keep it rocking!”

Gill never denied he was gay in the interview, but he did give similarities with other stars. Watch Gill address gay rumors below.

Photos via BET and Bossip


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