Joey BadA$$ Says He’s Sorry For Sharing Malia Obama’s Selfie [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 11, 2015

Rapper Joey BadA$$ has come under fire with the White House over President Barack Obama’s daughter.

The White House is investigating how a selfie of eldest first daughter Malia Obama got out on social media. The 16-year-old is wearing a Pro Era shirt and showed up on “Proera47” Twitter page. Pro Era is a hip hop group based out of Brooklyn, New York.

The photo shows Malia with a white T-shirt with the group’s red and green logo across the front. She also has her hands raised behind her head as if adjusting her ponytail.


The photo sparked some outrage with a few funny memes’ created during the drama.


Now the White House is doing an investigation into how the photo got leaked in the first place. Joey’s reportedly responded to all the hoopla surrounding the picture posting and later deleted, “Shoutout to Malia for supporting the ERA. It’s very clear that we meant no harm by posting the pic. Peace to the White House! #B4DAMONEY.”

joey badass malia obama tweet

We’re assuming that investigation is simply a slap on the wrist of whatever I.T. guy let that initial photo slip from Malia to a mutual friend to Joey.

Photos via Instagram and Twitter


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