Jessica Burciaga Denies Affair With Kobe Bryant

Rucuss staffDecember 22, 2011

Playboy playmate Jessica Burciaga wants the rumors to stop.

Rumors floated around last week that Burciaga and Kobe Bryant were having an alleged affair. But Miss February 2009 says it’s not true. first reported that Bryant was tricking off millions of dollars on her and when his soon to be ex-wife Vanessa found out she was livid.

Mediatakeout has since recanted its statements. The website now claims Burciaga was not in a relationship with Kobe but he tried to initiate one a few years back.

A spokesperson for both Kobe and Vanessa also said the rumors were false and the initial blog,, even acknowledged it. A second source also told E! News that, “Kobe and Jessica have never met.”

Burciaga tweeted, “The 1st media website that released this false story now takes it down, but thanks a lot now it’s all over every other blog. It feels good when a non reliable, crappy media website retracts their story and takes my pics down and gets its right days later. Great.”

Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences” in Orange County Superior Court. Vanessa decided to end the marriage because she believes Kobe was unfaithful again. Earlier this year, there were rumors Kobe allegedly fathered a baby out-of-wedlock.

The couple have no prenup so Vanessa is entitled to a 50/50 split under the community property laws in California. Kobe is reportedly worth $150 million, which includes real estate holdings, stock, cash and other assets. He has already moved out of their Newport mansion.

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