Jerry Rice Sues After Buyer Backed Out of $11 Million Mansion Deal

Rucuss staffDecember 5, 2011

Former NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice thought he finally got rid of his Northern California mansion.

Rice had a buyer that allegedly agreed to buy the Atherton estate for $11,000.000 but as it turns out they had a change of heart. They decided not to buy the lavish estate that boasts six bedrooms, 11 baths, a gym and a movie theater. Now, Rice is suing them.

According to TMZ, the buyers allegedly signed a contract in which they agreed to close the house by July 15, 2011 or they forfeit a $330,000 deposit. Rice claims the buyers couldn’t seal the deal by then and now he wants to keep the deposit without selling them the mansion.

Check out pictures of the property below.

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