Jennifer Lopez Rushed to Hospital, Robbed While Performing in Argentina

Rucuss staffJune 23, 2012

Jennifer Lopez is not in a rush to return to Argentina.

The American Idol judge suffered a few setbacks in the South American country while on her Dance Again tour. Lopez was hospitalised with extreme back pain following her Thursday performance. She let her fans know how she was feeling on Twitter.

The 42-year old tweeted, “Got an xray this morning…all good…pulled back muscle. Coconuts getting to big to carry both at once. Awww… #timeflies 🙁 ”

Lopez was reportedly robbed the same night while performing at the GEBA stadium in Buenos Aires. According to, personal items were taken from her dressing room and her manager’s.

A rep from Lopez’s team denies the report. The rep told Fox News Latino that “items stolen last night at the venue were not Jennifer’s.” The stolen property “were items that belong to production personnel” and that the incident occurred due to “lack of security by the promoter and venue.”

The stolen goods include a computer, a camera and a bag with personal documents such as I.D.’s and passports.


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