Jennifer Lopez is a Suga Momma, Gives Boy Toy a Bentley

Rucuss staffDecember 14, 2011

Jennifer Lopez appears to be head over heels for her new boyfriend Casper Smart.

The American Idol judge has wined and dined the 24-year old backup dancer with trips all over the world. Now, Smart has been spotted in a brand new convertible Bentley. Backup dancers don’t normally make salaries where that they can afford to buy such a lavish car so we’re quite sure where it came from.

Smart isn’t just using the car to chauffeur Lopez around either. According to TMZ, he is also able to use the car for personal use. Lopez has given Smart privileges to drive the car during their courtship. We’re almost positive that her ex Marc Anthony is not happy about this relationship. Check out the photos of the Bentley.

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