Jazzy Pha Accused Of Cheating On Wife With A Transgender Again

Rucuss staffMay 22, 2016

Jazzy Pha may need to talk to his wife about sharing photos of transgender people on social media.

You see, Jazzy has been accused of cheating on his wife, Tammie Moorehead, with a transgender person in the past. Now another accusation has surfaced.

It all started when Moorehead posted the photo of transgender woman, Felicity Noire, with the caption, “Man or Woman.”




If you are wondering what Jazzy’s wife looks like, take a look below.



















It didn’t take long for Noire to learn of the post and she went in on Jazzy and his wife. Noire claims to have had sex with Jazzy below.

jazzy-pha-transgender jazzy-pha-trans-

Say What: Jazze Pha Caught Laying Up With a Transexual?! [Photos]

In 2013, a transgender by the name of Shayla Stacks outed Jazzy. While Jazzy Pha appeared to be sleeping on Stacks took a photo of the two.  Then Stacks posted the photo on Instagram with the caption, “He Keeps me warm.”

Jazzy never commented on the photo.

Photos via Facebook


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