Jay-Z and Pregnant Wife Beyonce Are On A Vegan Diet

Rucuss staffDecember 16, 2011

Well, that explains it.

The reason Beyonce is not gaining much weight while she awaits the birth of her first child is because she’s on a ‘partially vegan diet.’ Her hubby Jay-Z is also on the same diet. Beyonce, 30, doesn’t want to let herself go just because she’s pregnant.

“I’ve been really conscious [about food],” Beyonce told 20/20. “I’ve been trying my best not to lose control!”

US Weekly reports that a source said that Jay and Bey have gone on a vegan diet. The source revealed, “Jay’s trying to be disciplined, and he needs the energy to support her.” Having just turned 42, he isn’t hurting himself by adapting a vegan diet to stay in shape.

Apparently, the diet is working for them, as their energy remains up. The couple allegedly danced the night away at The Spare Room gaming lounge at the Hollywood Roosevelt on Monday and reportedly stayed until 4 a.m. Jay and Bey then hung out at the Watch the Throne after party, hanging with Kanye West and Serena Williams the following night.

We knew there had to be a reason why Beyonce was still able to prance around the world in six-inch heels. Months into a pregnancy most women would have to resort to slides because of their swollen feet.

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