Jas Prince Sues Cash Money Over Drake Earnings [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 18, 2017

Cash Money owners has another lawsuit on its hands.

Aspire Music Group has sued Cash Money over missing profits and copyright royalties from Drake’s first six solo albums, Billboard reports. Aspire’s lawsuit names Cash Money owners Bryan “Birdman” Williams, Ronald “Slim” Williams, and Young Money Entertainment as defendants.

The lawsuit claims Aspire, which is co-owned by Jas Prince, signed an exclusive deal with Drake back in 2008. But the company later agreed to let him record for Cash Money in exchange for one-third of the net profits of the following Drizzy projects: 2009’s So Far Gone, 2010’s Thank Me Later, 2011’s Take Care, 2013’s Nothing Was the Same, 2015’s If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late, and 2016’s Views.

Aspire claims that their agreement included one third of the copyrights of Drake’s masters for these albums, along with monthly accounting and payments. Now, Aspire says that the label never paid any profits or royalties aside from “a few modest advances,” and that they failed to make consistent monthly accounting reports.

Aspire also stated that Cash Money signed Drizzy into an exclusive deal in 2013, ignoring his previous agreement with Aspire in the process. Drizzy was paid $10 million for that CM deal, including $4 million from profits from his albums, which Aspire believes its owed to them.

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According to the report, the accounting that Cash Money did prepare shows “inflated” deductions for a variety of costs that Universal had already covered. Aspire also believes that Cash Money’s distribution deal with Universal has not allowed them to properly collect all of the net profits that they are owed. Now, Aspire is asking the court to assess how much Cash Money owes them following a full accounting of the imprint’s financial records.

Cash Money is already in a midst of a $51 million legal battle with Lil Wayne,  Cash Money has not officially commented on the lawsuit.


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