Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington & Leonardo DiCaprio Cover Vibe Magazine [Photos]

Rucuss staffNovember 29, 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington cover the December/January issue of Vibe magazine  in promotion of their forthcoming movie, Django Unchained.

The Quentin Tarantinodirected film tells the story of a bounty-hunting freed slave (Foxx) aided by his mentor, in the rescuing of his wife (Washington) from a Mississippi plantation owner (DiCaprio). Vibe gathered the stars of the movie, which hits theaters Christmas Day, to chat about their project.

Here are a few excerpts from the Vibe story below:

Foxx on the importance of the movie: “Every two, three years there is a movie about the Holocaust because they want you to remember and they want you to be reminded of what it was. When was the last time you’ve seen a movie about slavery? What we were doing was an acrobatic routine with the highest degree of difficulty. It’s a tough script to read. I had both my daughters come down to the plantation and I walk them through and said, ‘This is where your people come from. This is your background.'”

DiCaprio on playing a slave owner: “For me, the initial thing obviously was playing someone so disreputable and horrible whose ideas I obviously couldn’t connect with on any level. I think it took me to places I didn’t even imagine. I remember our first read and it was hard for me to wrap my head around it. My initial response was ‘Do we need to go this far? Are we going too far?’

Of course, playing a bad guy opens you up to not having as many rules or restraints. I think actors have gravitated to that because it frees you up in a way. It takes you to the darkest place of where you are as a person and lets you indulge in that and give in to that and be as horrible as you possibly can without the conflicting side of what’s good and what’s right. This is the first legit bad guy I’ve ever had to play, and it is a fucking horrible [character]; the worst display of humanity I’ve ever read in my entire life. Not even just because of who he was and the racism, but because he is just the most self-indulgent bastard I’ve ever read. “

Washington on being caught off guard by things that took place during slavery: “I remember there was this one moment in the script where Jamie’s character was put in an awful crazy medieval metal mask. I said, “That’s some sick thing Quentin thought up.” And when I went to the production office to meet about my wardrobe, I saw into the research office. Twenty photos of real masks like that. It made me sad. … I didn’t even know that they wore masks like that, that people did that to us. It took a Tarantino movie for me to know that that’s not some crazy thing out of his imagination. That’s how it went down.”

Check out a few photos from the magazine.


Photos via Vibe


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