Ivanka Trump Opens Jewelry Boutique in Soho [Photos]

Rucuss staffDecember 1, 2011

Ivanka Trump made a decision that her jewelry boutique needed a change of scenery.

Donald Trump’s daughter moved her boutique from its Madison Avenue location to the trendy streets of Soho last week. The boutique sells jewelry, shoes, handbags and apparel.

Trump sparred no expense decorating her boutique with plenty of crystal and chandeliers. It’s a large and spacious two-story building that is designed with black, white and coral interior colors. Large glass cases surround the floors with a bridal bar included on the upper level. Check out the photos below.

Bubble bib necklace with rock crystal and diamonds, $34,000; Reversible bubble earrings, $55,000; Diamond and rock crystal Bubble cuff, $125,000.

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