Italian Club Offers Kobe Bryant $600,000 a Game

Rucuss staffSeptember 20, 2011

If you hadn’t been under a rock lately, the NBA locked out its players in July.

And as it stands, no one is getting paid. While players try to figure out different ways to earn an income, Lakers star Kobe Bryant doesn’t have to. He’s filthy rich for starters, but he just received the ultimate offer.

Bryant has been offered $600,000 per home game to play for Virtus Bologna in the Italian league. The offer would start Nov. 13 when the Italian season begins. His deal would have an NBA opt out for when the lockout ends.

It’s a sweet offer, even for someone whose set to earn $25 million this season.

If Bryant accepts the offer he won’t be a stranger to Italy. Bryant, who speaks fluent Italian, lived there for years as a youth while his father played in Italy. The only downfall about the offer is will he risk injury to play overseas?

Meanwhile, Bryant and other top earning NBA players are willing to loan money to help players deal with financial difficulties during the lockout.

The labor deal ended after players and owners failed to reach a new contract. The two sides remain far apart on just about every major issue, from salaries to the salary cap, revenues to revenue sharing. The NBA season is in jeopardy.



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