Is Joseline Hernandez Cheating on Stevie J With Rick Ross and Kevin Durant?

Rucuss staffJanuary 16, 2013

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J is not going to like this.

His girlfriend Joseline Hernandez might make a side-eye to this as well. But rumors are surfacing that Joseline is cheating on Stevie J with Rick Ross, Oklahoma Thunder star Kevin Durant, and a Atlanta club owner. And to make matters worse, she is an alleged escort.

This might sound far-fetched to some but sources told Diaryofahollywoodstreetking that the rumors are indeed true. The photo below was taken while Joseline and Ross were in the Bahamas. She hosted a concert that featured Ross and Young Gunz.

Joseline Hernandez- Rick Ross-Bahamas

Diaryofahollywoodstreetking reports:

“Joseline’s gay BFF Rubin is filing complaints over her cell phone bill. Her phone is in his name, and he just got the bill including the calls she made from the Bahamas. She ran up more than five-hundred bucks from her vacation in the Bahamas with Rick Ross.”

Sources say Hernandez makes it a point to get around. Of her other recent reported sexual conquests are: Sex with Atlanta nightclub owner ‘Webb’ at ‘Room Service Lounge, for $150; and smashing NBA’s Kevin Durant, after traveling to Oklahoma for a guest appearance.

Here’s what a friend close to Joseline Hernandez tells HSK:

“Stevie J owes a million dollars in back taxes and $200K in child support. So…Stevie doesn’t have a passport, he can’t get one.

When Joseline picks up and flies out to the Bahamas to f*ck Rick Ross, he has to eat it. How does Stevie feel…Knowing ‘Webb’ from ‘Room Service Lounge’ fucked his girl? He sees Webb all the time.

Joseline hits up Kevin Durant, right after a promoter hires her for a guest appearance in Oklahoma. Kevin sends her back to Stevie in Atlanta all filled up with NBA nut.”

On Tuesday, there were reports that Joseline was an alleged escort. The reality star allegedly has in-call only business at her Atlanta home. Sources told Jacky Jasper that Joseline caters to a small list of wealthy johns, regular customers she’s known for sometime.

Photos via Instagram and UrbanDaily


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