Iggy Azalea Says She and Nick Young ‘Are Good’ After Cheating Scandal [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 7, 2016

Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young and rapper Iggy Azalea are still hanging in there.

Azalea opened up about her relationship with Young via Twitter this week. Azalea told a fan that things are “good” between them despite the recent drama surrounding their relationship. The Australian rapper is not letting a little video ruin her relationship.

Azalea, who is engaged Young, spent some time Tuesday responding to tweets. She told one fan on Twitter that “Nick and I are good” despite all the attention to a video released two weeks ago that showed Young admitting to cheating on her.


Another user responded to Azalea saying they were “good” by commenting that was “tragic.” Azalea didn’t waste time firing back at her critic.

“when youre (sic) grown and actually build a life with someone you might understand,” she said.

Azalea also lashed out at the New York Post in response to one of their stories.


Azalea seems to be pretty insistent that the whole cheating video is not an issue for them. Young and Azalea have been together since 2013 and got engaged last June.

Photo via Usmagazine.com


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