Ha! If Lebron James Had A Full Head of Hair! [Photo]

Rucuss staffApril 9, 2012

Lebron James’ hairline as been the joke amongst many fans in the last few months.

As James’ headbands continue to creep backward with each year, the bulk of his fans can’t seem to figure out why he hasn’t shaved off his hair. The Miami Heat star clearly uses a headband to try to conceal his receding hairline, but it has been an epic fail. Everyone can see that the balding process has begun. It’s a shame that at 27 years of age he has to deal with it, but so be it.

Someone has photoshopped a picture of King James of what he would look like with a full head of hair, via TerezOwens. If only it was real, he looks pretty good!

But in actuality, this is what Lebron looks like these days.

Watch Lebron James’ Headband Timeline below.

Check out Dwight Howard making fun of James’ hairline.

Watch Charles Barkley make fun of Lebron.


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