K. Michelle’s Rebellious Soul’ Musical Will Be Directed By Idris Elba [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 29, 2014

Love & Hip Hop star K. Michelle is ready to add actress to her growing resume.

The Can’t Raise A Man singer revealed to WGCI’s The Morning Riot  that her album Rebellious Soul will become a musical. Actor Idris Elba will be the director of the musical set to air on VH1.

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K. Michelle, who will star in the project, said she is excited about her acting debut. She also revealed on the show that she was leaving Love & Hip Hop and that she’s no longer friends with R. Kelly.

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While R. Kelly was promoting his Black Panties album in 2013, he insinuated to Atlanta 94.5 radio station that he and K. Michelle made beautiful music between the sheets at one point. Kelly later apologized for even hinting that something could have happened between the two but the damage was already done.

She revealed that she was disappointed most in R. Kelly, because she has ruined relationships in the past while attempting to defend him.

“I wasn’t upset, I just thought it was really distasteful,” she said. I will always respect him. I learned so much from him. We all hit a point in our lives where we might need to say things to get different looks or to look a certain kinda way. He did put out an apology for it. I think it was more hurtful than anything because I’ve been so loyal to him.”

K. Michelle added, “If anybody would say anything…I’ve messed up relationships even with Trey Songz and everything from defending R. Kelly. Hopefully me and Trey will be able to talk through it. I know some people have been reaching out for us to really sit down and talk through it, but the relationships in the business that I’ve put on hold for Rob, just having his back, it’s kinda hurtful for him to come at me like that and make up some things that weren’t appropriate.”

Listen to K. Michelle’s interview below.


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