Idris Elba in the Running to be Next James Bond

Rucuss staffOctober 1, 2011

Actor Idris Elba is allegedly in the running to be the next James Bond.

Elba will replace Daniel Craig as the character that has also been played by Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and others.

“It’s a rumor,” said Elba, who told NPR. “I just don’t want to be the black James Bond. Sean Connery wasn’t the Scottish James Bond, and Daniel Craig wasn’t the blue-eyed James Bond, so if I played him, I don’t want to be called the black James Bond.”

But Elba admits, “I’d definitely consider it. I’m never shaken or stirred.”

Elba, 39, is a British star of HBO’s “The Wire” and BBC’s “Luther,” plus movies like “Obsessed,” “Takers, and “Thor.”

Currently the character is being played by Craig, who is back for his third movie to be directed by Sam Mendes.



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