Hugh Douglas Reportedly Called Michael Smith an ‘Uncle Tom’ [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 7, 2013

Former NFL player Hugh Douglas may be out of a job after an alleged altercation with ESPN’s Number Never Lie co-host Michael Smith.

Douglas has not appeared on the ESPN show this week in the wake of the alleged incident that happened over the weekend. Douglas and Smith nearly came to blows at a party in Orlando on Friday. Douglas allegedly had too much to drink last Friday night when he vowed to beat Smith to a pulp during a party thrown by the National Association of Black Journalists at the House of Blues in Orlando, Fla.

According to Deadspin, Douglas and Smith attended a convention at Gaylord Palms Resort Hotel along with co-host Jemele Hill. Smith and Hill were reportedly speaking to prospective ESPN employees when Douglas, who was apparently intoxicated, approached them.

As Hill was finishing her chat with around 100 people, Douglas came up and demanded the microphone. Hill made an effort to keep it away from him, which allegedly angered Douglas and embarrassed Smith and Hill. Douglas has allegedly felt left out on Numbers Never Lie since Hill joined the show and he became the only non-journalist.

The tension apparently rolled over into the next evening at the House of Blues, when Douglas was again described as “very drunk.” He reportedly tried to head for the stage at House of Blues when Smith stopped him and told him it would be a mistake. Not wanting to be told what to do, Douglas became angry and got into it with Smith. The Big Lead website reported Douglas called Smith an “Uncle Tom” and a “House n—–.”

A source told Deadspin Smith tried to ignore Douglas but the former NFL star kept berating him, even grabbing him by the arm at one point and threatening to beat him up. Security had to step in and separate the two.

Douglas’ ESPN gig could be in serious jeopardy. ESPN is currently looking into the incident.

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