Holly Robinson-Peete Says Kris Humphries Was Used to Expand Kardashian Brand

Rucuss staffNovember 9, 2011

Holly Robinson-Peete was booted from “The Talk” show, but that hasn’t stopped her from giving her opinion about the latest headlines.

Peete, who has been married to former NFL player Rodney Peete for 16 years, had a few choice words for reality star Kim Kardashian. The out of work actress says she feels sorry for Kardashian’s soon to be ex-Kris Humphries. She believes Humphries was used to expand the Kardashian brand for greed and fame, OUCH!

“It’s not going to ruin her brand, Peete said. “It’s going to be good for her brand. No  one is thinking of her as this love-struck puppy. No one ever thought of that. They just wanted to see a wedding and they watched. The conversation that, well, America is upset with her, because she has no respect for the covenant of marriage, [is] silly.

“This is all about money, and  fame, and all those things. This is her brand. I think it’s going to be totally fine. It’s the next chapter. It’s now who’s she going to date next.”

Peete claims she spoke with a few basketball players and the league feels pity for Humphries.

“That’s all those guys can talk about and the gist of it was they just felt so sorry for him, because they know he just got so caught up in stuff. And I just feel bad that no one’s talking about him, I really do. I feel terrible for that boy. They were saying that when you’re known for marrying someone who has a sex tape out, that was all they can talk about, and how that isn’t sexy right there.”

Wow, Peete really said what was on her mind. We wonder did she do it in hopes of landing another talk show, hmm.

(via iluluonline)

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