Hilary Swank Regrets Attending Party for Chechen President

Rucuss staffOctober 13, 2011

Oscar winner Hilary Swank will think twice before she accepts anymore party invites.

Swank immediately came under fire after she attended a birthday concert for President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov on Oct.5. The president has been accused of human rights violations. He’s allegedly tortured, abducted and murdered many in his country.

Swank has issued a statement:

“I deeply regret attending this event. If I had a full understanding of what this event was apparently intended to be, I would never have gone.”

Swank claimed in her apology that her invitation to the concert made no mention of Kadyrov’s birthday.

During the show, Swank said she was impressed by the Chechen government’s “passion to make peace and to make something beautiful.” According to TMZ, Swank even gave a speech at the event. She said, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to the President. When someone on stage asked how Hilary knew about Kadyrov’s birthday, she replied, “I read … I do my research.”

Jean Claude Van Damme and the British violinist Vanessa Mae also attended the concert. They have also been criticized but have yet to comment.

Check out Swank’s speech.

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