Hilarious! Kevin Hart Clowns Meek Mill & Entourage Backstage [Video]

Rucuss staffAugust 17, 2012

Comedian Kevin Hart proved backstage at Meek Mill’s Dreams & Nightmares concert that he doesn’t need writers to tell jokes.

The MTV Video Music Awards host is always ready for a good old fashion sh*t talking session. Meek Mill tried to crack a few jokes on Hart’s skinny jeans before Hart began to clown Meek at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. He told the Philly rapper he had on a,”Bill Cosbyesque sweatsuit.”

Hart warned Meek and his crew that they weren’t going to win.” But they didn’t seem to mind. Hart told one of Meek’s entourage, “You’re like a f—– dark chicken nugget.” He then told another one,”Look how little the Louis Vuitton book bag look on his fat ass back.”

Hart added,”You can’t be a fat n*gga wearing any soft sneakers. Get Jurassic Park mouth the f-ck out of here.”

Check out plenty more jokes below.


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