HEY! Diddy Wants Everyone to Know He Loves Pu**y! [Details]

Rucuss staffJuly 16, 2012

Bad Boy Records ceo Diddy wanted to do something different to help his artist French Montana out.

Instead of appearing in Montana’s new video for his song Pop That, which has a throwback chorus to Luke’s infamous tune Pop That Pu**y. Diddy decided to take a photo to help his artist out. While vacationing with his alleged girlfriend Cassie in Las Vegas he let his Twitter followers know that he loves vaginas.

In the photo below, Diddy shows off his huge pinky ring and diamond encrusted watch while his hand is between a woman’s legs and spawled on her stomach. He posted the photo with the caption: “I love pussy.”

Diddy must have worn every piece of jewelry he owns in the photo. The Ciroc frontman is drapped in diamonds while wearing a gold Givenchy robe. No word on who the woman is in the photo.

Check out French Montana’s Pop That video below.


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